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From Snowstorms to Heat Waves, How Global Warming Causes Extreme Weather and Climate Instability; Indian Human Rights Activist Dr. Binayak Sen Sentenced to Life in Prison in Widely Criticized Ruling.

Today’s Headlines

    * U.N.: Security Worsening in Afghanistan
    * Afghan Gov’t Condemns Deadly U.S. Raid
    * 19 Killed in Iraq Bombing
    * Maliki: No Extension for U.S. Withdrawal Deadline
    * African Presidents Issue Ultimatum to Ivory Coast President
    * Palestinians Mark 2nd Anniversary of Gaza Assault
    * Israeli Peace Activist Sentenced to 3-Month Term
    * Huckabee Tied to Firm Accused of Defrauding Struggling Homeowners
    * Report: 98 Bailed-Out Banks Risk Failure


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