Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – December 27, 2010

The Show Must Go On: As Monster Snowstorm Blankets East Coast, Democracy Now! Crew Shares Tales of “Thundersnow”; As Thousands Flee Ivory Coast, Former Clinton Adviser Lanny Davis is Paid Lobbyist for President Who Refuses to Cede Power; From the Pentagon to the Private Sector: Boston Globe Analysis Finds Large Numbers of Retiring Generals Entering Defense Industry.

Today’s Headlines

    * Extreme Winter Storm Hits U.S. East Coast
    * 45 Killed in Bombing at WFP Site in Pakistan
    * Afghan Civilian Casualties Up 20%
    * Investigators: Involvement of Companies Undermining Oil Spill Probe
    * Report: All of Rig’s Defense Systems Failed During Explosion
    * Cables: Panamanian President Asked DEA to Help Spy on Opponents
    * WikiLeaks Founder Assange to Write Autobiography
    * Dozens Protest Restrictions, Wall in West Bank
    * Thousands Greet Return of Flotilla Ship in Turkey
    * Bolivia Recognizes Independent Palestinian State
    * FCC Chair Issues Draft Approval for Comcast-NBC Universal Merger
    * Kissinger in 1973: Gassing of Soviet Jewry “Not a U.S. Concern”
    * Senate Confirms Prison Industry-Tied Marshals Nominee
    * ACLU Added to Tennessee Anti-Terrorism List for Urging Religious Inclusion

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