Making Contact

Making Contact – “How We Survive: The Currency of Giving (ENCORE)”

As the recession deepens, charitable organizations are faced with the troubling combination of increased need and dwindling resources. But in hard times, people find ways to take care of themselves, and each other. On this edition, we continue our series “How We Survive”, a look into how communities around the U.S. are responding to the economic crisis. This week… people meet each others’ needs, without charity, or even exchanging a dollar.


Featuring: Danette Truso, Yvonne Pugh and Al Miller, Sobrante Park Time Bank participants; Paul Butler, Sobrante Park Time Bank co-administrator; Craig White, Center for Participatory Change staff member; Coumba Toure, Ashoma Fellow and education with Institute of Public Education; Shilpa Jain, former Shikshantar worker and gift economy participant; Larry Harvey, Burning Man Founder; Skip, Elder Camp member at Burning Man.


For More Information:


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The Center for Participatory Change –Asheville, NC

Horizontal Philanthropy:  The Importance of Giving in Low Wealth Communities

Giving Within Communities:  CPC’s Research on Horizontal Giving

Shikshantar -Rajasthan, India

Other Worlds –Albuquerque, MN

Burning Man –San Francisco, CA

The Gift Economy



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