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Obama Flip-Flop: FCC Vote Could End Net Neutrality; Local Community Radio Act Passes in Congress; As Dems Work to Ratify START Treaty, Jonathan Schell Says U.S.-Russia “Nuclear Standoff” Defies “Rational Explanation”; Part II…Feminists Debate Sexual Allegations against Julian Assange.

Today’s Headlines

    * U.S. Seeks to Expand Military Raids Inside Pakistan
    * 700 Foreign Troops Killed in 2010 in Afghanistan
    * N. Korea to Allow IAEA Nuclear Inspectors into Country
    * WikiLeaks: Fatah Asked Israel to Attack Hamas
    * WikiLeaks: Israel Suspected of Assassinating Syrian Official in 2008
    * WikiLeaks: U.S. Sought to Retaliate against France over GM Crops
    * Washington Post Details Expansion of Domestic Intelligence Apparatus
    * Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour Praises White Citizens’ Councils
    * Iranian Filmmaker Sentenced to Six Years in Jail
    * 21 Students Arrested at University of Puerto Rico


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