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Attorney: Swedish Case is a “Holding Charge” to Get Julian Assange Extradited to U.S.; John Pilger: Global Support for WikiLeaks is “Rebellion” Against U.S. Militarism, Secrecy; Richard Holbrooke Dies at 69: Remembering Veteran Diplomat’s Overlooked Record in East Timor, Iraq and the Balkans.

Today’s Headlines

    * Assange Remains Jailed Pending Bail Appeal
    * Supporters Rally for Assange in Australia
    * U.S. Air Force Blocks Sites that Published WikiLeaks Cables
    * Incoming GOP Lawmaker: Censor News Agencies for WikiLeaks
    * Suicide Attack Kills 38 in Iran
    * 27 Asylum Seekers Die in Australia Boat Crash
    * Ivory Coast Opposition Calls for Mass Protests in Election Dispute
    * Report: Halliburton to Pay $250M in Nigeria Bribery Case
    * Obama to Host Corporate CEOs at White House
    * Marine General: DADT Repeal Would Endanger U.S. Troops
    * Appeals Court Rules Emails Protected by 4th Amendment
    * Police Occupy Puerto Rico Campus


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