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Democracy Now! – November 23, 2010

The Fear of Sicko: CIGNA Whistleblower Wendell Potter Apologizes to Michael Moore for PR Smear Campaign; Moore Says Industry Was Afraid Film Would Cause A ‘Tipping Point’ for Healthcare Reform; and Joe Nocera on “All the Devils Are Here: The Hidden History of the Financial Crisis”

Today’s Headlines

    * North and South Korea Engage in Border Artillery Clash
    * Report: Taliban Leader in Secret Talks Was An Impostor
    * IMF Urges Ireland To Cut Jobless Benefits and Minimum Wage
    * FBI Raids Hedge Fund Offices In Insider-Trading Probe
    * Manufacturers of Full Body Scanners Increase Lobbying Effort
    * Energy Dept: Nuclear Weapons Drivers Drank on the Job
    * 2006 GOP Report on Global Warming Was Partly Plagiarized
    * Israeli ‘Human Shield’ Soldiers Get Suspended Sentence
    * Food Banks Struggle to Feed Growing Number of Hungry American
    * John Yoo Compares Torture to Driving Above Speed Limit


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