Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – November 22, 2010

Video Report From Afghanistan: How the U.S. Counter-insurgency Campaign Is Failing; Anthony DePalma on “City of Dust: Illness, Arrogance and 9/11”; Chalmers Johnson, 1931-2010, on the Last Days of the American Republic.

Today’s Headlines

    * UN: World’s Response to Haiti Cholera Epidemic “Completely Inadequate”
    * NATO Official: Children in Kabul Safer than in NYC or London
    * U.S. Forces Likely to Stay in Afghanistan After NATO’s 2014 Deadline
    * Poll: 92% of Young Afghan Men Don’t Know About 9/11 Attacks
    * U.S. Seeks to Expand Drone Strikes in Pakistan
    * Ireland Requests Massive EU/IMF Bailout
    * Warren Buffett: Trickle-Down Economics Don’t Work
    * Settlements Approved for Native Americans and African-American Farmers
    * TSA Chief Defends Use of Full-Body Scanners & Physical Pat-Downs
    * North Korea Reveals New Uranium Enrichment Plant
    * Wild Tigers Could Be Extinct in 12 Years
    * 22 Arrested at Protest Outside School of the Americas
    * Mayor of London to Bush: Stay Away From U.K. or Face Possible Arrest

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