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Making Contact – Arizona’s SB 1070: The Battle for Immigrants’ Rights

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Arizona’s SB 1070 put immigration enforcement in the national spotlight.  Soon after Arizona proposed the broadest and strictest immigration law in the country, activists organized mass protests and at least five other states began the process to adopt similar laws. A judge has stopped portions of 1070—for now.  But the legal and ideological battles continue. On this edition, we look at SB 1070 – the law, its intentions and effects, and how its motivated immigrant communities to become politically active. 


Marisa Franco, Right to the City national lead organizer; Andrea Christina Mercado, Mujeres Unidas Activas organizing director; John Bouma, attorney for the state of Arizona; Edwin Kneedler, U.S. Deputy Solicitor General; Juana Tello, People Organized to Win Employment Rights organizer; Charlotte Noss, protester; Steven Chan, protester.


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