Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – November 9, 2010

As Obama Arrives in Jakarta, Secret Docs Show U.S.-Backed Indonesian Special Forces Unit Targets Papuan Churches, Civilians; Widow of Poisoned Indonesian Human Rights Activist Munir Calls on Indonesia to Hold His Killers Responsible.

Today’s Headlines

    * U.S. Defends Right to Assassinate U.S. Citizens
    * Move to Repeal DADT Stalling in Senate
    * Connecticut Couple Sues to Overturn Defense of Marriage Act
    * Commission: Cost Cutting Had No Role in BP Spill
    * Netanyahu Speech Disrupted in New Orleans
    * U.S. Offers to Drop Sudan from List of Terrorist Nations
    * Lori Berenson Released on Parole
    * Anti-Nuke Protests Continue in Germany
    * Federal Court Holds Hearing on Mumia Abu-Jamal Sentencing
    * Hedge Fund Manager Escapes Felony Charges Thanks to His Job
    * Bush: Waterboarding Was Legal “Because the Lawyer Said It Was”
    * Bush: Kanye West’s Remark Was “Disgusting Moment, Pure and Simple”

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