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Making Contact – California’s Prop 19: The End of the War on Marijuana?

Could the war on marijuana finally be coming to an end? Californians will go to the polls this November 2nd, to vote on whether to legalize pot for all adults to smoke. It’s about tax revenue, it’s about jobs, but at its roots, its about ending a failed war on marijuana that has put hundreds of thousands in jail and given them crippling criminal records.  On this edition, we look at the transforming culture that put Prop 19 on the ballot, and the changes that might take place if it’s passed into law.


Froggy, Los Angeles resident; Jill Harris, Drug Policy Alliance managing director; Charlie Rangel, New York City Congressman; John Russo, Oakland City Attorney; Jeff Jones, Oaksterdam University Los Angeles campus chancellor; Richard Lee, Oaksterdam founder and Prop 19 bankroller; Tamar Todd, Drug Policy Alliance attorney; Marisa Garcia, former college student who lost financial aid due to marijuana conviction; Bishop Ron Allen, No on 19 spokesperson, Casey Given, Jessica Wong, Jeff Yunis, University of California at Berkeley students; Dan Rush, UFCW Local 5 special operations director, Andrew Dupree, Humboldt Patient Resource Center grow room employee


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