Point of Departure

Point of Departure – October 9, 2010 at 2:00pm

this episode is no longer available



david murrayoff seasonfast lifediw
david murrayhick's timeMXred barron
pharoah sandersyou gotta have freedomafricatimeless
dadisi komolaferound midnighthassan's walknimbus west
james carterepistrophyjurassic classicsdiw
henry grimesmomentsspirits aloftporter
oluyemi thomas/henry grimesbrothers telling songthe power of lightnot two
yusef lateefpsychicemotuspsychicemotusimpulse
yusef lateef/adam rudolphfirst traintowards the unknownyal/meta
yusef lateef/adam rudolphsouthsidetowards the unknownyal/meta
roscoe mitchell note factorysong for gerald oshitathis dance is for steve mccallblacksaint
roscoe mitchell note factorysong for my sistersong for my sisterpi records
roscoe mitchell note factorybessie harrisnine to get readyecm

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