The Morning Show

The Morning Show – August 20, 2007

Code Pink pressures Pelosi and Feinstein to end the war
Medea Benjamin, co-founder of Global Exchange and Code Pink,
Nancy Mancias, a hunger striker with Code Pink and Global Exchange

“FIASCO-The American Military Adventure in Iraq,”
Thomas Ricks, author

Toward a just resolution to the Palestine-Israel Conflict
Hisham Ahmed, Author of “From Religious Salvation to Political Transformation:The Rise of Hamas in Palestinian Society”,
Anna Baltzer, Author of Witness in Palestine: A Jewish-American Woman in the Occupied Territories and grandaughter of Holocaust Survivor,

EVENT: Breaking Down the Wall of Silence, Friday 8/24 1-6pm and Saturday 8/25 at St.John’s Presbyterian Church, 2727 College Ave. Registration is $70 for both days & includes meals. Discounts available for more info: or call (510)845-4740

Painting Chinese-A Lifelong Teacher Gains the Wisdom of Youth,
Herb Kohl, author and educator

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