Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – September 9, 2010

Obama Fights to End Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy, GOP Pushes Back; Federal Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against Boeing in CIA “Torture Flight” Program; Concerns Raised over Use of Computer RFID Chips to Track Preschool Children; No Charges Brought Against Philadelphia School that Monitored Students by Remotely Activating Webcams; Unity College Students & Bill McKibben Launch Road Trip to Reinstall Jimmy Carter Solar Panel Back on White House Roof.

Today’s Headlines

    * Obama Calls for Ending Bush-Era Tax Cuts for Wealthiest Americans
    * BP Largely Faults Rig Partners for Oil Spill
    * 10 Killed in US Attack in Pakistan
    * US Soldiers Accused of Killing Afghans for Sport, Collecting Body Parts
    * Report: Karzai Seeks to Limit Foreign Role in Corruption Probe
    * Slain Mexican Mayor Is 3rd Killed in Less Than Month
    * Arrests Made in Massacre of 72 Migrants
    * Clinton Suggests Plan Colombia-Style Initiative for Mexico, Central America
    * Study: 75% of Guns in Mexico Crimes Bought in US
    * Colombian Suspect Arrested in 2001 Killings of Coal Union Leaders
    * BP Consulted for Environmental Curriculum of California Schools
    * Study: 5 Million Uninsured Children Missed Out on Healthcare Programs Despite Eligibility


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