Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – September 8, 2010

Raj Patel: Mozambique’s Food Riots Are the True Face of Global Warming; Jailed for Facebook Friending: Animal Rights Activist Rod Coronado Ordered Back to Prison After Accepting Friend Request from Fellow Activist; Gainesville Muslim Community Organizes Vigils, Teach-Ins to Counter Planned Koran Burning.

Today’s Headlines

    * Obama Rejects Extension of Top-Bracket Tax Cuts
    * Iraqi Soldier Kills 2 US Troops
    * Admitting Fault, UN Reports Over 500 DRC Rapes Since July
    * UN Delays Release of Rwanda-DRC Report
    * Report: Torture-Linked Ex-CIA Officer Rehired as Private Contractor
    * Protesters, Police Clash over LA Shooting
    * Groups File Suit over Laptop Searches
    * Black Farmers Call for Cloture Vote on Discrimination Settlement
    * Arizona GOP Recruits Homeless to Run for Green Party
    * Whistleblower Ordered to Pay Wall St. Giant $10.7M
    * Soros Donates $100M to HRW
    * Pastors for Peace Founder Lucius Walker Dies at 80


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