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Draft UN Report Accuses Rwandan Troops of Committing Genocide in the Congo; Slain Latino Journalist Rubén Salazar, Killed 40 Years Ago in Police Attack, Remembered as Champion of Chicano Rights.

Today’s Headlines

    * Obama to Declare End to Combat Operations in Iraq
    * UN: Iraq Still Faces Humanitarian Crisis
    * Gibbs: US Is Increasing Fight Against al-Qaeda in Africa and Southeast Asia
    * Obama Administration Sued over Plan to Assassinate US Citizens
    * 19 US Troops Killed Since Saturday in Afghanistan
    * Anti-Mosque Rhetoric in US Reportedly Boosts Taliban Recruitment
    * Candlelight Vigil in Tennessee Condemns Arson at Mosque Site
    * Predator Drones to Begin Patrolling Texas-Mexico Border
    * Obama Urges Senate GOP to Pass $30 Billion Jobs Bill
    * One in Six Americans Now Enrolled in Anti-Poverty Programs
    * Mice, Maggots, Manure Found at Factory Egg Farms Linked to Salmonella Outbreak


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