The Morning Show

The Morning Show – August 16, 2007

Dangerous Toys from China
Patty Davis, spokesperson for the Consumer Product Safety Commission, (
Caroline Cox, Research Director at The Center for Environmental Health,

Is the Minnesota Bridge Typical? Infrastructure in America
Paul Buchheit, Professor at Chicago City Colleges, co-founder of Global
Initiative Chicago ( and the founder of .
His article on alternet "Who Should Pay for Infrastructure Repair: Fat-Cat Tax Cheats or Working Americans?"
Barry LePatner, author of "Broken Buildings, Busted Budgets: How to Fix
America’s Trillion-Dollar Construction Industry" and co-author of
"Structural and Foundation Failures"

Rally for Ethical American Psychological Association
Dr. Ruth Fallenbaum, also on the Steering Committee of Withold Apa Dues and a member of Psychologists for an Ethical APA
Event: Rally for An Ethical APA: End APA Collaborations with Illegal
Interrogations and Torture, Friday August 17th at 4-5:30pm, Yerba Buena
Gardens, 3rd/Mission in SF,

"Making a Killing" with the SF Mime Troupe
Ed Holmes, has been a performing/ directing member of The San Francisco Mime Troupe for the past twenty one years,
Velina Brown, is a veteran actor, singer, and director

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