Making Contact

Making Contact – Beyond BP: A Future Without Oil

BP’s Macondo well seems to be capped, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief…or can we?  Many blame BP or the US government for the lack of oversight of the well, and the efficiency of the response to the leak.  But there’s a larger issue at hand—our societies continued use of oil.  Even George W Bush said we were addicted, and that was in 2006.  On this edition, we go to the Gulf Coast, to hear why despite the dangerous and deadly consequences, locals aren’t ready to turn their back on the oil industry. What does that mean for the rest of us, as we pursue a future free of fossil fuels?

Featuring: Antonia Juhasz, Global Exchange’s Chevron Program director and author of the Tyranny of Oil: the World’s Most Powerful Industry and What We Must Do To Stop It; Carla Perez, Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project Program coordinator; Lulu DarDar and Scotti, BP cleanup workers; Albert Naquin, Isle de Jean Charles Band of Biloxi-Chitimachas Tribal Chief; Terry Labouche, R.J. Molinair & Clairece Fralou, Gulf Coast residents;  Robert Gorman, Catholic Charities Houma-Thibodaux Executive Director; Aaron Viles, Gulf Restoration Network Campaign Director

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For Videos of the Speeches heard in the show, go to:

Gulf Restoration Network –New Orleans, LA

Global Exchange Chevron Program –San Francisco, CA

Mobilization for Climate Justice

Movement Generation Justice and Ecology Project –Oakland, CA


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