Pitch A Fit

Pitch A Fit – August 17, 2010 at 12:00am

this episode is no longer available



5 minutes of LSB carts
Ennio MorriconevariousFistful of Theme MusicRhino
Dara Chom ChanGive Me One KissVA: Dengue FeverMinky
Pan RonDon't Speak""
Pan RonJombang Jet""
Ros SereysotheaFlowers in the Pond""
Ros SereysotheaShave Your Beard""
Pan RonI Will Marry You""
Ros SereysotheaI Want To SHout""
Sinn SisamouthJasmine Girl""
ManhattanIs That All There Is?VA: Rodney on the ROQPosh Boy
Toy DollsToccata in DmAbsurd DittiesReceiver
Agent OrangeBloodstainsVA: Rodney on the ROQPosh Boy
Circle JerksWild in the Street""
KlanPushin' Too Hard""
Black FlagNo Values""
CathedralWinds of ConfusionVA: Masters of MiseryEarache
SubhumansThe Day the Country Diedyoutube
Kent StateRadio MoscowVA: Rodney on the ROQPosh Boy
Ill ReputeClean Cut American Kid""
Johnny CashTime of the PreacherVA: Twisted WillieJustice
GrindermanHeathen Childmyspace
The Michele Gun ElephantSoda PressingVA: Tribute to the BoysAction Records
GangbangersSick of You""
Nikki SuddenIndependent Girl""
RazorlightDon't Go Back to Dalstonyoutube
Frank Black and the CatholicsIf It Takes All NightDog in the SandWhat Are Records?

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