Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – August 2, 2010

Andrew Bacevich on Afghanistan War: “The President Lacks the Guts to Get Out”; “12th and Delaware” Offers Unique Inside Look at Struggle Between Abortion Clinic and Anti-Abortion Pregnancy Care Center.

Today’s Headlines

    * Massive Flooding Kills Over 1,200 in Pakistan
    * Mullen: US Military Has Plans to Attack Iran If Needed
    * Report: July Was Deadliest Month in Iraq Since May 2008
    * WikiLeaks Volunteer Detained, Questioned over Afghan War Logs
    * Global Treaty Banning Cluster Bombs Goes into Force
    * Greenspan Opposes Keeping Bush’s Tax Cuts on Wealthy
    * Life Insurance Firms Probed for Defrauding Families of Dead Soldiers
    * Rep. Maxine Waters to Face Ethics Trial
    * ADL Opposes Plan for Mosque Near Ground Zero
    * Mothers of Imprisoned Hikers Protest Outside Iranian Mission in NYC
    * FBI File on Howard Zinn Dates to 1949
    * Puerto Rican Nationalist Lolita Lebron, 90, Dies

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