Democracy Now

Democracy Now! – July 21, 2010

Lead in Lipstick? Coal Tar in Shampoo? As New Bill Calls for Stricter Rules on Beauty Products, a Debate Between Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Founder and Cosmetics Industry Spokesperson; Skin Deep: Online Cosmetics Safety Database Rates 62,000+ Beauty Products; Actress and Cancer Survivor Fran Drescher Speaks Out in Support of New Bill Seeking Stricter Cosmetics Rules; and Killings in Kashmir by Indian Forces Spark Protests.

Today’s Headlines

    * Probe Reveals BP Knew of Problems Ahead Deepwater Horizon Rig Explosion
    * British PM Rejects Calls for Inquiry into BP’s Role in Release of Lockerbie Bomber
    * Democrats Break GOP Filibuster on Unemployment Aid Bill
    * Senate Committee Backs Kagan Supreme Court Nomination
    * USDA Reconsiders Firing of Black Official over NAACP Speech
    * US Announces New Sanctions Against North Korea
    * Report: US Forces Step Up Presence in Pakistan
    * Afghan Soldier Kills Two US Military Trainers
    * Ex-Head of MI5: Iraq War Increased Threat of Terrorism in Britain
    * Pentagon to Rescind Rules on Journalists at Gitmo
    * Two Utah State Workers Lose Jobs for Creating List of Undocumented Immigrants
    * Palestinian Guilty of Rape after Consensual Sex with Israeli Jew

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