Making Contact

Making Contact – Immigrant Families Behind Bars (encore)

Immigrant detention is the fastest-growing form of incarceration in the U.S., with more than 30-thousand detainees behind bars on any given day.  Reports of rampant abuse and negligent medical care are widespread.  And once again politicians, lawyers and human rights groups are calling for comprehensive immigration reform.

On this edition, we hear the story of an immigrant family torn apart after an immigration raid in Phoenix, Arizona.  And we report on a successful grassroots effort to change policies at "Hutto," a family detention center in Texas. 

The first segment of this show is part of a special collaboration between "Feet in 2 Worlds," a project that brings the work of immigrant journalists to public radio and National Radio Project.

Thanks to contributing producers Valeria Fernández  & Matt Gossage. And much appreciation to the Omnia Foundation for funding for this program.


Kathy, 9-year-old U.S. Citizen; Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County Sheriff; Salvador Reza, PUENTE organizer; Sandra, Kathy's mother; Griselda, Kathy's aunt; Marina, Kathy's aunt; Sarah Myklebust, Phoenix Repeal Coalition member; Denia and Karen, Former Immigrant Detainees; Frances Valdez, Immigration Attorney; Michel Brane, Women's Commission on Refugee Women and Children Director; Jose Orta,  Local LULAC President; Alison Parker, Human Rights Watch U.S. Program Deputy Director.

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