Letters to Washington

Letters to Washington – June 11, 2010

The House Senate conference committee on the financial regulatory reform bill is underway, and in an unusual move such a process to hammer out a final bill is open to the public. We'll hear excerpts of the meeting and we'll be joined by Heather Booth of Americans for Financial Reform and find out what she is looking for in this process.
The Center for Public Integrity has released a new report called Who Bankrolls Congress? It's a comprehensive look at the top donors to Washingtonýs most powerful lawmakers and their interests over the entire course of these politiciansý careers. Victims of the Gulf Coast oil flood will be confronted with a legal thicket where a patchwork of arcane and sometimes inconsistent laws will most likely make the ensuing litigation one of the most complex cases in American history.
To help explain we'll be joined by Martin Davies Professor at Tulane Maritime Law Center.


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