APEX Express

APEX Express – June 3, 2010

Preeti Mangala Shekar sits down in discussion with noted feminist activist and human rights advocate Sunila Abeyasekara on the ongoing political situation in Sri Lanka. Sunila also shares her insights on the history of the Sri Lankan women's movement.

Ellen Choy looks at 3 young APIA women community organizers in the Bay Area – Angela Angel, Jidan Koon and Amanda Wake – discuss their recent experience in Movement Generation's Permaculture for the People 2-week training.  We will discuss in-depth the popularizing concept of permaculture and urban gardening, in the context of API cultures, and how it has inspired them as activists fighting for economic and environmental justice in low-income communities in the Bay Area.  We will also highlight ongoing local projects led by API leader who are already turning principles into practice.


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