Radio Chronicles

Digital Chronicles: Video Games – February 28, 2010

Today's Radio Chronicles' monthly segment Digital Chronicles, a show dedicated to people's relationship to technology, Antonio Ortiz speaks with his guests about their love or hate of video games. He interviews a couple, Kristeen and Sam Kennedy, about how they got started playing video games. Sam is also Editorial Director of – a website devoted to everything about video games. It has reviews and latest news about the video game industry. There are many people who love playing video games, but what about those who've had a bad experience with them? During the last half of the show, Antonio speaks with Michelle Avila who recounts her experience of losing her partner James to World of Warcraft. Also, Sherry Myrow who was a WoW Widow and she started the online support group, . It's has about 4000 members, some of whom are current gamer widows/widowers and also exgamers. allows them to share their experiences with one another in a setting where they can support each other through their similar experiences.

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