Counterspin – February 12, 2010

This week on CounterSpin: Journalists are lining up to tout the Tea Party movement's relevance and strength, but show little interest in probing its deep contradictions or finding out what actually makes the activists tick. That's why they can describe as populist a movement closely, if fitfully, allied with the corporate-dominated GOP. In her report "Mainstream Media's Tea Party Tryst," Sikivu Hutchinson digs a little deeper. Hutchinson, the editor of and a contributor to Black Agenda Report, will join us to talk about the Tea Party movement.

Also on CounterSpin today, before the recent snow storms hit Washington DC the talk was of a different sort of freeze—a spending freeze. The Obama White House announced that it was time to do something to rein in government spending; but military spending was conspicuously exempt from the belt-tightening. Carl Conetta from the Project on Defense Alternatives will join us to talk about the facts about Obama's military budget, and why this conversation doesn't have much of a place in the corporate media.


Sikivu Hutchinson on Tea Party movement

Carl Conetta on Pentagon spending


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