Hard Knock Radio

Hard Knock Radio – January 26, 2010

this episode is no longer available

Davey D speaks with hip-hop artist and activist David Banner about the recent devastation in Haiti – or Ayaiti. Banner explores lessons learned in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the ways in which those lessons can be applied to relief efforts in Haiti. He also examines the exploitive nature of capitalism in the face of devastation and its' long-term impacts on struggling communities during vulnerable times.

Weyland speaks with Tongan sister writer/activists Fuifuilupe and Loa Niumeitolu about USO'S ON FREEWAYS: An Anthology of Pacific Islander Writers from/in the Continental United States. The anthology features writings by Pacific Islanders who trace their ancestry from Melanesia, Polynesia and Micronesia and have migrated to and/or are from the Continental United States. “Uso” is a popularly used Samoan term denoting "homie," “sis,” or “bro”—words that express a relation and community that we seek to strengthen in creating and disseminating this anthology.

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