Making Contact

Making Contact – Settlers or Meddlers? A Divided Palestine

Jewish settlers in the Palestinian city of Hebron wear skull caps and carry pistols. They have forcibly expanded their settlements, closed Palestinian shops and expelled residents. After initially calling for a freeze on such settlements, the Obama Administration has changed course – and the prospects for Israeli-Palestinian peace have dimmed. Right wing nationalists currently hold sway in Israel, but both Palestinians and progressive Israelis say that will change. On this edition, producer Reese Erlich takes us from the Jewish settlements of Hebron to the streets of Ramallah.


David Wilder, Committee of The Jewish Community of Hebron Spokesman; Shawan Jabarin, Al Haq Human Rights Organization Director; Ronny Perlman, Checkpoint Watch Leader; Yair Stern, Former Israeli Journalist; Dani Dayan, Yesha Council Leader; Feris Bader, Palestinian College Student; Mashd Betazhi, Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy; Yuri Shevach, Jeruselum Tourist Shop Owner.

Special thanks to Rabie Abulatifah for translation.


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