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As US Ambassador Casts Doubt on Troop Increase in Afghanistan, New Report Reveals US Indirectly Funding the Taliban; Defying Gov't Censorship, EPA Attorneys Speak Out Against White House-Backed Climate Change Proposal "Cap and Trade"; "William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe": New Documentary Examines Life, Legacy of Famed Radical Attorney.

Today's Headlines

    * US Ambassador Resists Troop Increase in Afghanistan
    * Poll: 58% Oppose Afghan War
    * Obama Honors Veterans at Arlington
    * Iraq Probes Blackwater Bribery Allegations
    * Influential US Diplomat Could Profit from Iraqi-Kurdish Oil Ties
    * US Criticized for Collapse of Honduras Deal
    * Palestinians Mark 5th Anniversary of Arafat Death
    * Study: Unsafe Abortions Burdening Developing Nations
    * Report: Anti-Terror Laws Thwarting Immigrant, Asylum Cases
    * Internal Study Predicts Drug Industry Windfall from Healthcare Reform
    * Dodd Unveils Senate Financial Overhaul Bill
    * CDC: 4,000 Swine Flu Deaths Since April
    * Immigrant Rights Advocates Hail Departure of CNN Anchor Lou Dobbs

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