Making Contact

Making Contact – American Peace Activists on the Streets of Kabul

Marine corporal Rick Reyes fought in Afghanistan, but now strongly opposes the war.  He and other anti-war activists traveled to Afghanistan, to meet with government officials, women’s rights activists and ordinary Afghans. They learned that despite a supposed change in policy, the US military continues to bomb civilians. Independent producer Reese Erlich accompanied the group, as they met critics of both the US government and the Karzai administration.



Marine Corporal Rick Reyes, Afghan War Veteran; Najibullah Sedeque, Journalist and Translator; Tawaz Khan, Refugee Headman; Khan, Helmand Province Farmer; Norman Solomon, Institute for Public Accuracy Executive Director (and one of the founders of Making Contact); Samun Tasmim, Abdul Mahmood, Abdul Tawab, Arif Hussein, Hosay Kasmi, Azila, Tavana, Students; Satwana Dasgupta, Afghans4Tomorrow Executive Director; Fatima Gailaini, Afghan Red Crescent Society and Woman’s Rights Activist; Ebadullah Ebad, Farmer; Jean Luc Lemahieu, UN Organization on Drugs and Crime in Kabul; Afzal Rashid, Afghan Finance Ministry Former Senior Advisor;


Reese Erlich’s book, "Conversations with Terrorists" is due in bookstores in 2010.


Special thanks to Najibullah Sedeque for translation. And to Dan Turner, Alfonso Hooker, Joe Pascual and Megan Martenyi.


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