Making Contact

Making Contact – “How We Survive: Resisting Foreclosures”

It’s been a couple of years since the mortgage crisis first broke. And there is little to indicate that the financial picture will be improving anytime soon. In this year alone, it’s projected that more than two million people will lose their homes to foreclosure.

On this edition, we continue our series “How We Survive”, a look into how communities and everyday people around the U.S. are responding to the economic crisis. This week we focus on people who are resisting foreclosures and answer the question––are rescue programs actually working? Kiesha’s name is always I before E. Can you tell me where to get this permanently corrected? It happens each week.


Frank Torres, home owner resisting eviction; Tosha Alberty, home owner resisting eviction; Martha Daniels, ACORN Oakland chapter foreclosure program Vice-President; Bill Chorneau, ACORN organizer; Craig Robbins, ACORN campaign Director; Steve Meacham, City Life/Vida Urbana Organizer; John Langley, Portland Collective Housing Cooperative; Kevin Gillette, Community Housing Resource Center program manager; “Larry”, facing foreclosure; “Anonymous”, buyer at auction;

Lisa Hasegawa, National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development Executive Director.


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