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Making Contact – Swimming Upstream: Can Our Rivers Be Saved?

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Freshwater is our most vital natural resource. It’s a finite one too, although we don’t always treat it that way.  Contamination, overconsumption, misuse and abuse have made freshwater increasingly scarce around the world. So how do we protect our water supply? Many say start at the source––take care of the rivers.

On this edition, we talk to river stewards across the U.S. working to protect, cleanup and restore our valuable fresh waterways.

 This program is made possible in part by The PARK Foundation.


Patrick Koepele, Tuolumne River Trust Deputy Executive Director; Alex Matthiesson, Riverkeeper Inc. President; Sharon Ruggi, CEASE member; Bonnie Smith, Croton Point Park beach-goer; Art Parola, University of Louisville Civil Engineering Professor and The Stream Institute Director; Cindy Harnett, University of Louisville Professor;

Dr. Dorothy Merritts, Franklin and Marshall College Geomorphology Professor.


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