Living Room

Living Room – Health care reform, along party lines; the latest from Iran

Congress is moving ahead on healthcare reform: what kind of reform, and what kind of fight, lie ahead?   We get the inside scoop.  PLUS: it's no longer in the headlines, but our guest has been on hunger strike to get the world to pay attention to what is still happening in Iran.  with host Kris Welch, noon to one.

guests: Donna Smith, community organizer for Cal. Nurses Assoc; nat'l co-chr Progressive Democrats of America's "Healthcare Not Warfare" campaign
        Robert Creamer, longtime Dem. political organizer, strategist; author (Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win)

        Mansour Farhang,, revolutionary Iran's first UN ambassador, resigned in protest, now in exile; prof. poli. sci, Bennington College; author (US Press and Iran;  US Imperialism)


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