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Democracy Now! – July 13, 2009 at 5:00am

Obama Calls for Probe into 2001 Massacre of at Least 2,000 Suspected Taliban POWs by US-Backed Afghan Warlord.

Today's Headlines

    * Holder Considers Criminal Probe of Bush Administration
    * Report: CIA Had Secret Assassination Plan
    * Gov’t Report: Bush Surveillance Program Was “Unprecedented”
    * Obama Visits Ghana on First Official Trip to Sub-Saharan Africa
    * Obama Defends AFRICOM Military Command in Africa
    * Obama Family Visits Former Slave Dungeon in Ghana
    * Analysts: Goldman Sachs Made $2 Billion Since March
    * University of California System Faces $813 Million Deficit
    * Two Massachusetts Zoos Face Possible Closing
    * Sonia Sotomayor Hearings to Begin on Capitol Hill
    * Senior Iran Cleric Condemns Rulers over Treatment of Protesters
    * Bomb Nearly Hits US Ambassador in Iraq
    * Four Marines & Eight British Troops Killed in Afghanistan
    * US Lawmakers Introduce Resolution Condemning China
    * Honduran Police Detain Six Journalists

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