APEX Express

APEX Express – June 7, 2007

BAMBU, LA-based emcee, with a fresh released sophomore album, "…i scream bars for the children…". Tune into the vision of his new work and what’s coming up next for him in the future!

East Oakland Community High School, "the poster child of the state takeover", as described in the Oakland Tribune recently. Join us as we speak to members of the EOC community about how legislation really works in our schools from teacher, to student, to parent, to community.

DJ SHRED ONE, bringin the HOT 7 @ 7 mix up live and direct on the 1s and 2s!. Plus community calendar, and more! Contact: 510-848-6767×464; [email protected] ; for more stories: www.apexexpress.org. Visit Apex’s hip-hop site.

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