Making Contact

Making Contact – What Ever Happened to the Buena Vista Social Club?

In 1997, the "Buena Vista Social Club" CD took the world by storm. Two years later, a documentary film about the musicians became even more popular earning an Oscar nomination.  And while the movie was a hit, it may also have created some myths about Cuba and the musicians themselves.  Independent producer Reese Erlich spent years interviewing members of the Buena Vista Social Club and separates fact from fiction.

Erlich¹s new book is Dateline Havana: The Real Story of U.S. Policy and the Future of Cuba.

Eliades Ochoa, Cuarteto Patria guitarist; Ruben Gonzalez, pianist and original Buena Vista Social Club pianist; Eneida Lima, Ruben Gonzalez' wife; Ibrahim Ferrer, original Buena Vista Social Club singer; Mario Jorge Munoz, Havana newspaper "Juventud Rebelde" cultural reporter; Barbarito Torres, original Buena Vista Social Club virtuoso laoud player; Manuel Galban, modern Buena Vista Social Club Band guitarist; Pablo Menendez, Mezcla guitarist; Magda Gutierrez, Manuel Galban's wife.

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Buena Vista Social Club
About:  An award winning documentary featuring the music of the Cuban ensemble the Buena Vista Social Club.


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