Forms and Feelings

Forms And Feelings – April 18, 2009 at 2:00pm

this episode is no longer available

A former Big Insurance exec testifies for single-payer: we hear his report.  Women's drumming camp is next weekend: we get the details.  PLUS: Jill Nelson with another HOT sexy political feminist novel. 

Wit host Kris Welch.

guests: Wendell Potter, former CIGNA, Humana Inc exec.; now with Center for Media Democracy; testified on healthcare reform before Congress Wed.

        Carolyn Brandy, percussionist, recording artist (Alive!  Skin Talk, etc.)  re: Women's Born To Drum Camp

         Jill Nelson, journalist (NYTimes, Washington Post) writer (Essence, The Nation, op ed columnist USA Today); author (Volunteer Slavery; Straight, No Chaser; etc.) re: new novel "Let's Get It On"


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