Blues By The Bay

Living Room – March 28, 2009

this episode is no longer available

New neo-con group hosts Afghan forum; French workers hold managers hostage.  Some of the same neocons who brought us the Iraq war have formed a new group, and are forming policy on Afghanistan.  We hear all about it.  PLUS: French workers at two factories—so far—have resorted to holding management hostage to demand better terms.  We get a first-hand report.  PLUS: uncover your poetic self.  With host Kris Welch, noon to one p.m.

guests: Jim Lobe, Washington bureau cheif, Interpress News Service, re: Foreign Policy Initiative

        Tony Cross, ed. Radio France International website in English

        Kim Addonizio, award-winning poet and novelist, new book "Ordinary Genius: a guide for the poet within"


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