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Free Speech Radio News – March 18, 2009 at 3:30pm

We present highlights of a series presented at La Pena where we take an intimate look at the arts that document our his/herstory Community Building Through songwriting and poetry.

Tonight we bring you the highlights of  2 events. The first is an evening with Jon Fromer and Francisco Herrera. The second segment comes from a hip hop session with Dynamic featuring Kimilo Joy and Rico Pabon.

Francisco Herrera and Jon Frommer share union songs, love ballads, protests, chants and humorous tunes. The soulful voice & guitar of Jon Fromer have been at the heart of progressive movements for decades. Francisco Herrera is a nationally recognized Latino folk singer, songwriter, and a literacy activist.

Truth Be Told with Dynamic – featuring Kimiko Joy and Rico Pabon. Bring your lyrics for the open mic at the end of the night.

Dynamic, the trend setting power group, features Kimiko Joy- lead vocalist, Tommy Folen, guitar and bass, Colin Hogan–keyboards, Darian Gray–drums, percussions, vocals. Dynamic's music has elements of R&B, and Hip Hop with a sound that is engaging booty shaking dynamite. The group plays original songs and popular covers that ignite a fever pitch atmosphere. The group's new CD, Dynamic, is an evolution from the last opus, Photosynthesis, a jazzy, R&B, Hip Hop concoction that still keeps online myspace fans, now over 2000 and counting, clamoring for more. The eleven-song conceptual EP is earth shaking with songs like "In the Madness", "Hitch Hiking", "Left Side Limp", "Sucka Punch", and fresh jams like "Rumble", "The Bug", "First Battle", and innovative anthems like "Funky Gunna!" This CD was mixed by Myron Dove (Santana) Nelson Braxton (The Braxton Brothers) & Boone Spooner.

Kimiko Joy sings like no other. Her vocal style is as captivating as her stage presence is unique. She is as radiant and powerful as the Pacific Ocean; wave after wave of devoted passion.

 Louder Than Fiction is Bay Area MC Rico Pabón (formerly of the group Prophets of Rage) the fourth and most powerful album to date signed to the revolutionary-label Hard Knock Records. Rico reflects on the title of the album: "There was no need for me to use my imagination when writing the lyrics to this record. Every word of it is true." One major factor that distinguishes Puerto Rican rapper Rico Pabón from many of his Reggaeton and Hip Hop peers is his lifelong mission. "Through my words and music, I'm raising a fist for activists and challenging oppression and injustice everywhere." This outlook may be unique in today's Hip Hop, but for Rico art and activism go together like red rice and beans.


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