Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (9 am) – March 10, 2009 at 9:00am

Economist Ha-Joon Chang on "The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism"; "Sending More Troops Will Not Solve the Problem" – Grassroots Afghan Activist Rangina Hamidi.


    * Obama Lifts Stem Cell Research Ban
    * Supreme Court Limits the Reach of Voting Rights Act
    * 35,000 Jobs to Be Lost After Pharmaceutical Mergers
    * Dalai Lama: China Has Turned Tibet into “Hell on Earth”
    * Pro-Tibetan Protesters Rally Outside White House
    * China & US Trade Accusations Over US Navy Spy Ship
    * Key Senate Democrats Waver on Employee Free Choice Act
    * British Aid Convoy Arrives in Gaza
    * Top US Cyber Security Chief Resigns
    * McClatchy Newspapers to Eliminate 1,600 Jobs
    * Bolivia Expels Senior US Diplomat
    * Lawmakers Urge US to Take Neutral Role in El Salvador Election
    * Ward Churchill Trial Opens in Denver
    * More Headlines…

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