Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (9 am) – February 20, 2009 at 9:00am

Union Leaders Accuse Stern of Scheming for Control of America's Only Union-Owned Commercial Bank; Obama Admin Faces Decision on Indefinite Detention with Imprisonment of US Resident Ali al-Marri ; Despite Gitmo Closure and Torture Ban, Obama Admin Converges with Several Bush Policies in So-Called "War on Terror"; US Military Suicides at Record High; Report Finds Most Deaths at Single Colorado Base Were Preventable; Hundreds Protest NY Post Cartoon Seen as Racist Depiction of Obama.


    * Obama Calls for Climate, Labor Safeguards in NAFTA
    * US Commander: 60,000 Troops Needed in Afghanistan for at Least 3 Years
    * Kyrgyz President Orders Closure of US Base
    * Report: Gitmo Prisoner to Be Returned to Britain
    * Netanyahu to Become Israeli PM
    * Kerry, Congress Members Tour Gaza
    * Aid Convoy Heads to Gaza from Europe
    * Texas Financier Served with Fraud Papers
    * California Senate Passes Education Cuts, Tax Hike
    * NYU Student Protest Grows Despite Expulsion Threats
    * Post Offers Limited Apology as Cartoon Protests Continue
    * More Headlines…

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