The Morning Show

The Morning Show – Sandre Swanson on the State Budget Crisis

The Morning Show talks with Sandre Swanson, California State Assembly member from the East Bay about the State Budget Crisis. Then David Bacon talks with ATT Wireless workers about pending negotiations. Next is featured "War and Dissent", a new exhibit at San Francisco's Presidio which explores the little known American-Philippines war – from the perspective of the soldiers, the American anti-imperialists, and families in the Philippines. In the second hour "Letters from Washington: The First 100 Days", hosted by Mitch Jeserich. Wrapping up the program Reyna Cowan, Morning Show film reviewer, features "Scott Walker: 30 Century Man" directed by Stephen Kijak; the Noir City Film, San Francisco's Film Noir film festival; "Wendy and Lucy" by Kelley Reichert.


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