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Living Room – The latest from Gaza and the UN; MLK’s call to service.

The latest from Gaza and the UN; MLK's call to service.  

Everyone says they want peace, and yet every day the war on Gaza worsens.  We hear from Phyllis Bennis at the UN, about international efforts to stop the conflict.  PLUS:  in honor of Martin Luther King's birthday, a welcome to  serve, and celebrate. 

Phyllis Bennis, fellow Middle East and United Nations Affairs, Institute for Policy Studies; author "Understanding the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: A Primer."

Kokomon and Aeesha Clottey, Attitudinal Healing Connection, re: MLK Celebration Monday 19 Jan,. 10-noon, Taylor Methodist Church, 12th/Adeline, Oakland; MC Aimee Allison (KPFA is a sponsor).

 With host Kris Welch.


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