The Morning Show

The Morning Show – May 7, 2007

Outcome of the French Elections
Larry Bensky, [Live from Paris], is the former host of Sunday Salon on KPFA and national affairs correspondent for Pacifica Radio

A Political Education with Andre Schiffrin
Andre Schiffrin, was for 30 years the publisher of Pantheon Books and founder of the New Press, his memoir is, "A Political Education-Coming of Age in Paris and New York"

How About Some Alternatives to Capitalism?
Robert Jensen is an associate professor in the School of Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin and a board member of the Third Coast Activist Resource Center His latest book is Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity, he is also the author of The Heart of Whiteness: Race, Racism, and White Privilege,

Opal Palmer Adisa on Parenting LBGTQ kids
John Cepak, (See-pak) National President of PFLAG, [Parents and Families of Lesbians and Gays]
Char Cepak, is John’s wife

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