Making Contact

Making Contact – September 26, 2008

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Whatcha Gonna Do When The Well Runs Dry?

From Australia to Arizona, it¹s become clear that humans are using water at an unsustainable rate.  Many communities only respond with water restrictions during droughts, and in most cases development continues, making things worse.

On this edition, we¹ll take a look at three growing communities facing water shortages along with the pressure to grow.  We¹ll hear their different approaches to finding solutions‹including denial.


Jackie Meck, Buckeye Mayor and Former head of the Water Conservation and Drainage District; Lila Zatner, Decision Center for  Desert City Research Assistant; Patrica Gober, Decision Center for  Desert City Director and Arizona State University geography professor; Diane Ash, Tuscon resident and camper, Fred Babby, Tuscon resident and camper; Arnold Schwarzenegger, California Governor; Ursula Parch, Willits Water Wisdom member, Mike Chapman, Brooktrails Community Services District general Manager; Allan Falleri, City of Willits Community Development Director; Naikang Chang, Brooktrails property owner; Richard Estebrook, Brooktrails resident.

Music By:
New World Water by Mos Def
Looking For Water by david Bowie
Tece Voda, Tece by Jarmila Novotná

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