Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (9 am) – September 10, 2008

Haiti Struggles with Humanitarian Disaster in Aftermath of Deadly Storms; Following Disparaging Comments at RNC, Community Organizers Respond to Republican Attacks on Their Profession; Gareth Porter: Bush Admin Ignored Warnings Against Pakistani Air Strikes; As US Announces Withdrawal of 8,000 Troops from Iraq, Leaked US-Iraqi Draft Agreement Envisions Indefinite Occupation.

Today’s Headlines

    * US Occupation of Afghanistan to Increase Following Iraq Troop Cuts
    * 2 Afghan Civilians Killed in Errant US Bombing
    * Ike Leaves Behind Devastation in Haiti, Cuba
    * Ex-Klansman Freed in 1964 Murder Case
    * Noose Left in Office of Black Student President at Va. School
    * Rep. McDermott Backs Bush Impeachment
    * Franken Wins Democratic Primary for Minn. Senate Seat
    * Florida Court Rules Gay Adoption Ban Unconstitutional
    * Lawsuits Planned over DNC, RNC Protest Crackdowns

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