Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (9 am) – September 5, 2008

Promising "Change" in Washington, McCain Accepts GOP Nomination; Maverick? Author Paul Waldman on "Free Ride: John McCain and the Media"; Convention Cash: Journalist Peter Stone on the RNC’s Sponsors; Crashing the Party: Suites, Corporate-Sponsored Events Gather the Money Behind the Conventions; McCain: "We Have to Catch Up to History"; Abramoff Sentenced to Four Years in Jail for Corruption and Tax Offenses; Nearly 400 Arrested on Last Day of RNC, Including Over a Dozen Media Workers; Ramsey County Sheriff Admits Local Police Used Paid Infiltrators and Spied on Activists Including RNC Welcoming Committee; "We Are Not Terrorists": Activists with the RNC Welcoming Committee Speak Out Against Police Crackdown & Terrorism Charges; Iraqi American Sami Rasouli Says McCain Should Have Invited an Iraqi to Talk at RNC About the Effect of the Surge.


    * McCain Accepts RNC Nomination
    * Peace Activists Interrupt McCain Address
    * Up to 400 Arrested on RNC’s Last Day
    * Obama Finds Common Ground with O’Reilly in Fox News Appearance
    * Abramoff Sentenced to 4-Year Term
    * Book: Admin Conducting Extensive Spying on Iraqi Gov’t
    * Pentagon Urges Delay of Iraq Troop Reductions; Afghan Occupation to Increase
    * US Arrests Iraqi Journalist, Family
    * Army Suicide Rate on Record-Setting Pace
    * Karzai Visits Site of Deadly US Strike
    * Anger Grows in Pakistan over US Attack
    * Tropical Storm Hanna Kills 90 in Haiti
    * Detroit Mayor Pleads Guilty, Resigns in Perjury Case
    * Citing Alleged US Torture, Attorney Seeks Mental Evaluation for Pakistani Prisoner
    * Cheney Pushes Georgia Membership in NATO
    * UN: Aid to Poor Nations Lags

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