Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (9 am) – September 2, 2008

Amy Goodman & Two Democracy Now! Producers Arrested at RNC Protest; Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) Condemns Police Intimidation of Journalists; Hurricane Gustav Slams Louisiana: A Report from Jordan Flaherty in New Orleans; As the RNC Opens in St. Paul, Twin Cities Police Arrest Nearly 300; Journalists Targeted; Report: Secretive Right-Wing Group Vetted McCain’s VP Candidate Sarah Palin; As RNC Opens, Iraq Veterans Against the War March in St. Paul; And A Debate: Iraq Veterans Against the War vs. Vets For Freedom.

Today’s Headlines

    * Hurricane Gustav Hits Louisiana; Devastation Less Than Expected
    * Police Arrest Nearly 300 RNC Protesters in St. Paul
    * Cindy McCain and Laura Bush Speak at RNC
    * Sarah Palin Linked to Sen. Stevens 527
    * Thailand PM Declares State of Emergency
    * Five Afghan Children Killed
    * Report: Both Russia and Georgia Used Cluster Bombs

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