Sunday Salon

Sunday Salon – April 22, 2007

Larry will broadcast from sister station KFCF in Fresno…

Hour 1:

Large Scale Commercial Agriculture vs. The Organic Family Farm…
A discussion on crop viability and marketability in the Central Valley…


Tom Willey, Organic Farmer,

Joe Santellano, Farm Manager for Sunnyside Packing Company. This company packs and distributes produce from a network of farms, including it’s own 600-acre, mostly conventional operation. It’s starting to grow some organics.


Ali Shabazz, medicinal herb farmer/nutrition activist. Working to bring
healthy foods to the African American Community on Fresno’s West Side.

At 9:45: This is Larry’s second-to-last "Sunday Salon," and his last in Fresno. He’ll talk history with KFCF founders.

Hour 2:

A water crisis in California?

Last week water regulators urged Californians to cut down on water usage or face mandatory cuts later in this drought year. Is there really a shortage? And if so, how does it affect the Central Valley?


Lloyd Carter, Fresno attorney who has taught water law at San Joaquin
College of Law. For more than two decades he served as a reporter for
United Press International and the Fresno Bee in Fresno and San Francisco.
He continues to write op-ed pieces for the Fresno Bee on water issues and
gives public talks on water issues.

Walt Shubin, a farmer/environmentalist who is on the board of directors of
Revive the San Joaquin, a local group dedicated to reviving the San Joaquin


California State Senator Dean Florez, D-Central Valley

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