Democracy Now

Democracy Now! (9 am) – August 27, 2008

Amy Goodman Questions Fmr. President Jimmy Carter on Being Sidelined at DNC; Clinton Calls on Supporters to Unite Behind Obama; Narrowing the Obama-Clinton Divide: A Roundtable Discussion; 600 Arrested at Mississippi Factory in Largest Immigration Raid in US History ; "Operation First Casualty": Outside Democratic Convention, Iraq Veterans Against the War Re-Enact Raids on Iraqi Civilians; Rep. Dennis Kucinich: "Wake Up America!"; In Wake of Deadly US Air Strike, Jeremy Scahill Questions Lawmakers About Obama’s Afghanistan Policy; Labor Groups Challenge Retail Giant Wal-Mart on Pressuring Employees to Vote Against Obama; Tarnished by Sex Scandal, John Edwards’ Absence Reduces Focus on Poverty at Democratic Convention; When Off the Silver Screen, Actress Daryl Hannah Seen on Frontlines of Environmental Movements.

Today’s Headlines

    * UN: 90 Afghan Civilians, Including 60 Children, Died in US Attack
    * Clinton Calls for Unity Behind Obama
    * Kucinich Blasts Iraq War, Corporate Dominance in DNC Speech
    * 28 Killed in Iraq Suicide Bombing
    * Officers Admit to Fatal Shooting of Handcuffed, Blindfolded Iraqi Prisoners
    * Judge Upholds Charges in Iraq Rape, Murder Case
    * Arctic Ice Shrinking at Record Pace
    * L.A. Woman Removed from Fed Building for “” Shirt
    * Shunning US, Honduras Joins ALBA
    * Sheehan Reports Possible Phone Bugging at DNC
    * Denver Police Downplay Alleged Obama Assassination Plot
    * Police Assault on Code Pink Member Caught on Tape

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