The Morning Show

The Morning Show – August 12, 2008

The Morning Show takes stock of the Democratic National Convention, only 2 weeks away with William Bower, of PUMA/Just Say No Deal and Norman Solomon, Obama delegate at the DNC. Then Denver Security Plans for the DNC with Mark Cohen, of the Recreate 68 Coalition. Followed by a call to Bolivia to discuss the victory for Evo Morales. The Stand Off in Sacramento is next with A. G. Block, Associate Director of the Univ. of Calif. Center in Sacramento. In the second hour "Is It All About Oil in the Caucuses?" a conversation with Michael Klare, Prof. Peace and World Security Studies, Hampshire College and author of "Rising Powers, Shrinking Planet: The Geopolitics of Energy". Wrapping up the program, "Is Grey Water the solution for a Dry State?"

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